Bella's Story

Bella Masullo has had JIA since the age of 3.  She fights for a cure and wants to provide hope and support to those just starting out.  “Just because you are hurt, doesn’t mean you are broken.”

Bella was 3 years old when her knees started hurting.  She was having trouble running, jumping and getting up. She was soon diagnosed with juvenile arthritis (JA). Since then, she’s had many doctor appointments, physical therapy, blood work, eye exams and surgery.   

Bella has worked to find the right medication. After some trial and error, she finally found a combination of injections that worked. Down to one shot per week, Bella is excited that she feels well enough to participate on her competition dance team, ride her bike and jump rope.  She is so happy to say that she doesn’t have pain.    

“I hope my story helps other kids,” says Bella. “I want them to know there is hope, and that hopefully one day, you won’t be in pain anymore either.  For those of you starting out, we are here to support you.  We are here to listen and lend a helping hand.  We understand how hard it is in the beginning and want you to know it will get easier. For the kids who are like me and are feeling better, we continue to stand with you, fighting for a cure!!  Kids shouldn’t have to hurt, and we won’t stop until all of us are pain free!”