Barrie's Story

After a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis shocked Barrie, she decided to help others with the disease. Now, she’s in remission and advocating for better access to care for people with arthritis. 

In 2014, Barrie noticed loss of movement and constant pain. She thought they were just typical signs of aging. When her symptoms didn’t stop, she finally visited a doctor and requested a Lyme disease test. The test was negative, but Barrie’s doctor diagnosed her with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). 

Three years later, Barrie is living in near-full remission and considers this time a second chance at life. She stays active, running in several road races each year, and seeks opportunities to share her time with charitable organizations.  

Barrie represents the Arthritis Foundation at the local, state and national level. She helps promote the Foundation’s mission to bring awareness and visibility to more than 100 diseases under the arthritis umbrella as well as raise funds for research efforts to find a cure for these diseases. By partnering with the Arthritis Foundation, Barrie provides a voice for people struggling to receive treatment, care and support so that all people can live full, pain-free lives.