Alejandro’s Story 

Alejandro Jarvis is 12 years old and in the seventh grade. He was diagnosed with linear scleroderma in the summer of 2014.   

Alejandro Jarvis is 12 years old and currently in the seventh grade. In the summer of 2014, he was diagnosed with linear scleroderma, a skin condition that started in his left leg. At first, it was a pea size discoloration in the lower part of his knee.  When it began growing instead of going away, Alejandro underwent a biopsy. 

Basketball, tennis, ping pong and swimming are Alejandro’s favorite sports.  He continues to play and even compete thanks to the early care and treatment provided by Dr. Diane Brown and her team. Alejandro has been blessed in many ways.  He has a family that loves and cares for him. He has loving relatives, friends, doctors, teachers and church members. 

He hopes his story will increase awareness for linear scleroderma and help kids talk to their parents and doctors about any new changes in their body.