Dexter’s Story 

Meet 8-year-old Dexter from Mascoutah, Illinois. He is like many kids his age. He loves arts and crafts, playing outside and swimming. At 6 years old, he began having unexplained ankle and foot pain. 

Dexter Thompson began experiencing pain in his feet and ankles when he was just 6 years old. As the pain got worse and more frequent, he was referred to several different doctors, eventually ending up in pediatric rheumatology.   

 In November 2016, Dexter was diagnosed with juvenile enthesitis-related arthritis. While the news came as a shock, it was comforting to have answers. Dexter currently receives weekly Enbrel and methotrexate injections. He is a tough guy, and the shots have gotten easier over time.   

 The Arthritis Foundation has been a great support to Dexter and his family.  They have had the opportunity to meet other families through the Arthritis Foundation that have become great learning resources. Dexter’s mom says that “from the support that the Arthritis Foundation offers us to the programs they offer, they are an integral piece in finding a cure. This journey is difficult, but their guidance helps us down the path.”