Kenzie's Story

Kenzie loves dancing, gymnastics, reading, meeting new friends and hanging with her four-legged friend, Apollo! Not even systemic idiopathic juvenile arthritis can change that. 

Kenzie was diagnosed with systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) at the age of 5. She remembers feeling upset, sad and unsure of what this diagnosis would mean for her. Immediately after her JIA diagnosis, Kenzie received steroids and bi-weekly infusions to monitor and control her disease. After 16 months of frequent doctor visits, infusions and snuggles from her puppy, Apollo, Kenzie slid into remission. She has been in remission since December 2017.  

 Kenzie enjoys dancing, gymnastics, reading and meeting new friends. She attends Arthritis Foundation events and mini-camps and hopes to go to Camp Cambria one day. Kenzie hopes that sharing her story will make other kids feel less scared and be more confident. She and her family hope there will one day be a cure for arthritis, but until then, they will continue to raise funds to find one.