Corbin’s Story 

When a toddler’s arthritis pain is treated with multiple shots each day, it can be tough to be hopeful. But for Corbin, her daily medications now make it possible for her to walk without pain again. 

Corbin was diagnosed with oligoarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) in her right knee and both ankles shortly after her second birthday. It all started with a limp, and eventually, Corbin couldn’t support her own weight. She spent a few weeks crawling everywhere she wanted to go or just sitting in a chair while her friends played at school. Thankfully, her pediatrician got her into the rheumatology clinic quickly.  

 Since her JIA diagnosis three years ago, Corbin has been receiving weekly injections to help control her symptoms, gone to dozens of doctor appointments and had blood drawn more times than she can count. She has struggled with anxiety surrounding her shots since day one, from vomiting within seconds of the shot to trying to refuse and fight them all together. 

 Despite all the struggles, Corbin has officially had no active arthritis for one full year. She and her family have met wonderful people in the JIA community thanks to JA Family Days and the incredibly supportive staff at the Arthritis Foundation. Corbin is hopeful that there will one day be a cure for her and fellow Arthritis Warriors and is excited to be able to help by raising money and spreading her story so that everyone knows that kids get arthritis, too!