The Morgans’ Story 

The Morgan family has a passion for the Arthritis Foundation. Dad and all three daughters live with arthritis, making volunteering and advocating a family affair. 

In the Morgan household, the passion for finding a cure for arthritis runs deep. Tim and Julie Morgan are the parents to three incredible Arthritis Warriors. Their daughters, along with Tim, all have arthritis. Together, they make it their mission to raise awareness and fight for a cure for this life-changing disease.  

 The Morgans are very involved in the Arthritis Foundation. From attending Juvenile Arthritis Conferences, JA Family Days, the Idaho Arthritis Walk and our kids’ camp, Camp KODA (Kids Out to Defeat Arthritis), the Morgans are all in. Not only do they send their three daughters to Camp KODA in Utah, they also work with the Idaho Arthritis Walk to bring all the Idaho kid to Utah at no charge to the families. They organize transportation and take a weekend from their busy lives to help and support our Camp KODA.  

 The Morgans are an absolute staple for the Arthritis Foundation, and we are so thankful for their continued support!