Bailey’s Story 

Diagnosed at age 8, Bailey Bowman knows what it means to be an Arthritis Warrior. From patient to volunteer to staff, her passion runs deep. She uses her chronic illness to inspire others.  

Bailey Bowman was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis (JA) at 8 years old, but that never stopped her. She overcame the daily struggles of living with a chronic illness and always strived to do everything she could to not let it hold her back. After her JA diagnosis, she continued her passion of riding horses, playing sports and living her new normal.  

 Bailey successfully transitioned from Primary Children’s Hospital to the Salt Lake Clinic, which is a big change for young adults with arthritis. Bailey has always had a passion for helping others with her disease and bringing awareness to the fact that kids get arthritis, too.  

 She started volunteering with the Arthritis Foundation in December 2014 and instantly was hooked. She served on every committee she could and attended every event. Through four years of volunteering, she gained an understanding for the Foundation, and her passion grew even more. In June 2018, Bailey joined the Arthritis Foundation team and is now the Community Engagement Director over Utah, Idaho and Montana.