Linda’s Story

Every night, Linda prepares her clothing, lunches and anything else she may need for the next day. It’s not because she’s organized. It’s because she knows she’ll be slow and stiff in the morning. 

Some days, Linda’s fingers won’t move. Other days, every joint in her body hurts. She prepares her clothing, lunches and anything else she may need every evening. It’s not because she’s super organized. It’s because she knows moving in the morning can be difficult and getting ready for the day can take time. But she’s not going to let rheumatoid arthritis (RA) hold her back.  

Linda is the mother of two sons and works full time as a financial advisor. She has a goal to raise awareness and money to help find better treatments and a cure for arthritis. Linda wants to empower others with arthritis to live their best lives. 

In 2019, she co-chaired a new Arthritis Foundation marquee event called the Mardi Gras Jazz Brunch, which raised over $37,000. Linda is working next on getting a team together for the Broward Walk to Cure Arthritis. She’s also planning on walking at the new Jingle Bell Run taking place in Palm Beach County this year.  

The resources Linda has received from the Arthritis Foundation have been invaluable to her. She’s excited to be a part of the Live Yes! Arthritis Network. It allows her to share her wealth of knowledge about a disease she has lived with for years.