Ann & Tegan’s Story 

Ann Mendicino-Wrynn and Tegan Willard are rheumatology nurses at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, working to provide the very best care to their juvenile arthritis patients

Ann Wrynn and Tegan Willard are both nurses in the rheumatology department at Connecticut Children's Medical Center.  Ann came to rheumatology by way of the pediatric ICU and has been enjoying her experience with the juvenile arthritis community ever since.  She loves teaching patients and families and supporting them on their journey.  Tegan was formerly a U.S. Navy nurse.  She loves working with kids and finding ways to make their chronic illnesses seem less daunting.  

 Ann and Tegan are Champions of Yes and strive to provide the very best nursing care to their patients while helping them navigate the ever-challenging health care system.  

A smile from one of their patients makes their whole day.