Isa's Story

Since Isa’s JA diagnosis at age 12, she’s battled fatigue, stiffness and pain. While she knows how devastating JA can be, she keeps a positive attitude and loves meeting other kids with arthritis. 

When Isa was 12 year old, she took a fall that caused her knee to swell three times its normal size.  Eight weeks later, she was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), likely triggered by the stress on her joint due to the fall.  Since then, Isa has battled fatigue, stiffness and other juvenile arthritis-related symptoms every day.  

 Although this disease can be devastating, she has managed to keep her spirits up. Isa has attended Arthritis Foundation summer camp and The Painted Turtle summer camp. Through these camps, Isa meets other kids living with arthritis and other chronic illnesses.