Kari Solis, Adult Honoree 

Kari didn’t respond well to medications used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. New complications made it too difficult to continue traditional RA treatments. Instead, she’s trying a holistic approach. 

Kari Solis grew up being extremely active and healthy. She was very dedicated to both ice and inline skating and martial arts through her late 20s. At age 32, she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and antiphospholipid syndrome.  

Kari began to develop new symptoms and complications after her diagnosis. Allergies to medications, chronic migraines, left eye vision loss, seizures, tremors,  skin lesions, disorientation and speech and memory issues began to arise.  

Her rheumatologist estopped all Kari’s RA treatments, as he suspected her medications triggered sepsis and organ dysfunction in 2016 and septic shock and organ dysfunction again in 2017. Both times, she was left immobile and in debilitating pain.  

Regardless of how difficult things get, Kari is determined to help raise funds for continued arthritis research. She participates in the Walk to Cure Arthritis each year with her team, Kari On. For now, she is managing her RA through holistic and alternative healing methods. She hopes to inspire others not to give up, no matter the challenges life tosses.