Brianna’ Story 

As a toddler, Brianna LeBeau had such swollen joints that she stopped walking. Diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis, Brianna is hoping to help others kids just like her. 

At 16 months old, Brianna was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA).  Her toes, knees, ankles, fingers and wrists were all swollen, and she stopped walking.  At age 2, Brianna developed uveitis in her eyes, and underwent surgery to remove a cataract.   

 Brianna has been an all-star cheerleader for five years, and the last three years she’s been a flyer with the California All Stars.  She enjoys cheer, riding quads, boating at the lake, camping and hiking.  She is also the 2019 USA National Miss Arizona Pre-Teen Peoria and will be competing in February to be Miss Pre-Teen Arizona.  She also started Bri’s Believers to make blankets for kids going through chemo and getting infusions at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  She also spreads positivity and anti-bullying messages.  Brianna wants to become a rheumatologist and help kids just like her.