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May Is Arthritis Awareness Month

Thank you for your partnership with the Arthritis Foundation and your support of the nearly 60 million adults and children living with this complex disease. Arthritis Awareness Month is held every year in May, and is a time for the arthritis community to come together to spread information, connection and inspiration all month long. 

The focal point of our 2024 Arthritis Awareness Month is a social media campaign designed to answer the question, "What inspires you on your arthritis journey?" Starting in April, Arthritis Foundation social posts will encourage followers and the arthritis community to comment with words or phrases that inspire or motivate them to push through their tough days.     

In May, we'll kick off Arthritis Awareness Month with a powerful video sharing some of those personal words and phrases back to the community, with posts that continue to collect and share words. Individual posts will feature the words and phrases shared with us, along with links to stories and resources that align with their inspiration. We'll ask followers to share our posts and invite them to choose those words that resonate with them and share on their own social profiles. 

We look forward to adding inspiration from your followers and communities as well. The strength of our shared arthritis community is what powers us. We appreciate our partners for their commitment.

Help Us Spread the Word 

Show your solidarity with the arthritis community and the Arthritis Foundation by sharing these customizable social media messages. Just click and download the images below for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and X during Arthritis Awareness Month. 

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