ES Now Available in Spanish

Spanish speakers can now access valuable information and resources about their diagnosis, treatment options and more in Spanish or English.

Living with arthritis can challenge nearly every aspect of life. Patients and their caregivers navigate not only their symptoms, but also the complicated health care and insurance systems, and the toll of chronic illness on mental wellness. Researching treatment options and experimenting with lifestyle changes, like nutrition and physical activity, also take time.

Language barriers add an additional challenge for those who do not speak or read English. That's why the Arthritis Foundation is committed to expanding our reach in the Hispanic community and providing access to vital resources. Our flagship website, is now available in Spanish. More than 41 million people in the United States speak Spanish natively or as a second language. Based on arthritis prevalence data, 10 million of those people likely have a form of joint disease.

Visit or click on Español  at the top of any page to switch to the Spanish version. Spanish translations of new content will be published within 24 hours, so you may see English content during the time it takes to translate. In addition, Spanish translations will not be available for our donation pages, clinical trials finder, videos, webinars, podcasts or other downloadable content such as eBooks or the Vim app at this time.

The Spanish translation complements other resources available for Spanish-speaking arthritis patients, including a bilingual Helpline specialist and a bilingual Connect Group facilitator.

Learn more about the Arthritis Foundation’s commitment to empowering all people with arthritis to live their best life.