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The Arthritis Foundation promotes government and private sector action to improve the lives of the 50 million Americans living with arthritis and chronic joint symptoms. We need your help, however, to get more government funding for arthritis research, to encourage early diagnosis and comprehensive treatment, and to improve access to quality health care for everyone with arthritis. 

Graci and Kyleigh, known as the “dynamic duo” – recently testified at two different hearings in Jefferson City, Missouri in January 2016. Kyleigh and her mom Janet testified in support of HB 1366. HB 1366 will allow pharmacists the ability to dispense safe and potentially less expensive biologic medications to patients, by substituting an FDA approved interchangeable biologic for a prescribed biologic product.

Graci and her mom Anna testified in support of HB 2029. HB 2029 puts limits on an insurance industry protocol known as step therapy which can require patients to try and fail on a series of medications before being allowed to have a medication their doctor has prescribed. Way to go dynamic duo! Thank you for being our patient voice!

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(Pictured: Kyleigh in front of state capitol; Graci and Anna at the hearing)

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