massage for arthritis

Massage for Arthritis

Benefits of Massage

Learn about the benefits of massage therapy for arthritis pain, how massage works, and if you can benefit from massage. Read More >>

Making Your Massage Appointment: What to Know Before You Go

If you're considering a massage to help ease arthritis pain, find answers your questions about your massage appointment, your therapist and more. Read More >>

Self-Massage Relieves Arthritis Pain and Stress

Do-it-yourself massage therapy is an affordable and easy way to ease pain. Find out how self-massage can help provide arthritis pain relief. Read More >>

Types of Massage

There are many types of massage that can benefit people with arthritis, including Swedish and Deep Tissue massages. Learn about different types and how they can help ease pain. Read More >>

Touch Therapy for Arthritis

A growing number of studies find touch therapies for arthritis effective, as researchers continue to explore why and how they may work. Here's a closer look at some of these treatments. Read More >>