About Corticosteroids

Corticosteroids Overview

Curious about corticosteroids? Get your questions answered about steroids, this commonly prescribed medication. Read More >>

Corticosteroids: Benefits & Risks

Corticosteroids can quickly relieve your pain and inflammation, but with those big pluses come some drawbacks. Learn more about the risks and benefits - and pros and cons - of using corticosteroids to treat your arthritis. Read More >>

Corticosteroids: Side Effects and Solutions

Learn to spot and assuage the common side effects from corticosteroids. Read More >>

Corticosteroid Safety

Reduce the risks of corticosteroid drugs by using them safely. Follow these tips to reduce your risks when starting and stopping steroids. Read More >>

Study Finds Corticosteroids May Raise Blood Clot Risk

Corticosteroids appear to increase the risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE), according to a Danish study. Read More >>

Oral Corticosteroids Can Lead to Vitamin D Deficiency

People who take oral corticosteroids for arthritis and other illnesses are twice as likely as non-users to have a vitamin D deficiency. Read More >>

Treating Corticosteroid-Induced Bone Loss

When arthritis drugs such as prednisone weaken bones, Forteo injections may reverse the osteoporosis medication side effects and help strengthen osteoporosis bones. Learn more about treating corticosteroid-induced bone loss. Read More >>

Use of Corticosteroids in Osteoarthritis

Learn how corticosteroid injections are being used in osteoarthritis treatment and how they may improve symptoms. Read More >>

Corticosteroid Use In Rheumatoid Arthritis

Discover how researchers are trying to find the balance between the risks and benefits of corticosteroids to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Read More >>

Corticosteroids Can Cause Irregular Heartbeat

Does your health plan include corticosteroids? Heart problems could result, depending on the steroid. Read More >>