About Biologics

Biologics Overview

Want to know everything you can about biologics for arthritis? Learn about biologic response modifiers and other prescription medications. Read More >>

What You Should Know About Biosimilars

A new generation of arthritis drugs is arriving in the United States, and they could make expensive biologic drugs accessible to more people. Three biosimilars – copycat versions of familiar biologic medications – were approved in 2016 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Read More >>

Biologics: Benefits and Risks

Biologics can greatly improve your arthritis, but with those big pluses come some drawbacks. Learn more about the risks and benefits - and pros and cons - of using biologics to treat your arthritis. Read More >>

Biologics: Side Effects and Solutions

Here are the most common side effects associated with biologic drugs, with tips for lessening their effects, as well as solutions to lessen their effects. Learn more about taking biologics for your arthritis. Read More >>

Biologics: Safety

Biologic therapies can be life-changing for your arthritis treatment, but you must take them safely. Learn more about what to expect before starting a biologic, as well as self-injection safety tips and more information about medication interactions. Read More >>

Biologics: Monitoring

Learn about the types of tests your doctor might order while you are taking biologic drugs for your inflammatory arthritis. Read More >>

Precautions to Take Before Starting Biologics

To reduce the risk of harmful infections, take these measures before starting biologics. Read More >>