About Analgesics

Analgesics Overview

Looking for information on analgesics for arthritis pain? The Arthritis Today Drug Guide has your primer on analgesic information as well as a guide to other prescription medications. Read More >>

Taking Acetaminophen Safely

Worried about acetaminophen safety for your arthritis pain? Read about the latest advice from experts and the FDA Advisory Committee about acetaminophen and Tylenol so you can feel safe about taking it for your arthritis and OA pain. Read More >>

DEA Tightens Rules for Hydrocodone Combo Pills

The DEA moves pain pills that contain hydrocodone from Schedule III to Schedule II. Read More >>

FDA Set to Change Opioid Labeling

In response to the growing concerns about escalating problems of opioid painkiller misuse, the FDA set to change labeling requirements. Read More >>

Opioids Increase Risk of Fractures, Heart Problems

Arthritis patients taking strong painkillers, known as opioids, have a greater risk of fractures, cardiac trouble and even dying compared with those taking other forms of pain medication. Read More >>

Pain Medications Tied to Hearing Loss in Men

A large, new study has linked the regular use of many kinds of non-narcotic pain medications to hearing loss in men. Read More >>