About the Drug Guide

The Arthritis Today Drug Guide was developed in close collaboration with a distinguished panel of experts – doctors and pharmacists who specialize in arthritis and related conditions.

It can be used alone as a reference or in combination with My MedTracker, a free online medication-management tool made especially for people with arthritis and related conditions. Learn more.

The Drug Guide is provided to help you learn about medications used to treat arthritis and related conditions, not for self-medicating. We hope you will use the Arthritis Today Drug Guide and My MedTracker as tools to become an active part of your health care team and to better communicate with your health care providers.

The medical review panel and the U.S. Pharmacopeia Dispensing Information (USP DI) serve as key sources of information for this Drug Guide.

Below are important details about the information you will find in this guide.

Drugs Included

The medications included in this Drug Guide are those that our experts on our medical review panel say are frequently used or important in the treatment of arthritis and related conditions.

Drug Names

Medications can be searched by generic drug name or brand name. The drug detail pages are set up by generic name, with brand names listed below the generic name. Brand names are those most commonly used or prescribed for arthritis and related conditions, as determined by our medical review panel. The inclusion of a certain drug or brand does not imply endorsement by Arthritis Today or the Arthritis Foundation, nor does the exclusion of a drug or brand imply it is inferior to those listed.


Dosages represent the typically prescribed range for adults with arthritis and related conditions up to age 65. Older adults and children may require different dosages.

Some conditions require a higher dosage to start, followed by a lower, maintenance-level dosage. Always follow the dosage prescribed by your doctor.

Drug dosage measurement and related abbreviations are as follows:

  • Grams – g
  • Kilograms – kg
  • Intravenous - IV
  • Milligrams – mg
  • Milliliters – mL

Potential Side Effects

The side effects listed are those more commonly reported in clinical trials, listed in each product’s package insert and seen in clinical practice of the medical reviewers. Some of the side effects are mild. Others are rare but serious. The side effects are listed alphabetically, not in order of likelihood or seriousness. Not everyone experiences any or all side effects. Many go away with time or can be avoided with a dosage or drug change. Always tell your doctor about any side effects you experience. Do not stop taking a medication without your doctor’s guidance.

Special Instructions

Common instructions and tips are listed. Always follow your doctor’s directions and read the full information that comes with your medicine.

Be Aware

Common and important safety warnings are listed for each drug, such as who should avoid the drug and tests that may be needed before and during treatment. Before taking any medicine, tell your doctor about current and previous health problems and any medications, both over-the-counter and prescription, and supplements or herbs you take.

The Arthritis Today Drug Guide is meant for education – not self-medicating. Arthritis Today, the Arthritis Foundation and the Drug Guide Medical Review Panel do not endorse any products mentioned in this guide. While we endeavor to keep the information up to date, we make no representations or warranties about the completeness of the information provided.

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