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Hip Surgery

Metal Hips Fail Faster, Raise Other Health Concerns

A new study shows some metal-on-metal hip implants fail early, adding to list of metal-on-metal joint problems, including bone and tissue destruction. Read More >>

Mortality Rates After Total Hip Replacement Drop

Deaths from hip replacement surgery were almost cut in half during an eight-year period in England and Wales, according to a new study. Read More >>

Positive Results for Hip Implants in Young and Old

Two studies found hip replacements can benefit people over 90 and can last for decades in people under 50. Read More >>

Researchers Warn Against Hip Resurfacing

A new study finds hip resurfacing, an alternative to hip replacement surgery, has unusually high failure rates. Learn what it means for you.. Read More >>

What to Expect After Hip Replacement

Discover what new studies suggest about what to expect after a hip replacement. Read More >>

Improving Implants for Hip OA

Discover why a better understanding of artificial joint materials and individuals’ responses to them are key to improving hip replacement success. Read More >>