simple routines

Simple Workout Routines

Neck Pain Responds to Exercise

Studies show that strengthening your neck can relieve arthritis pain. Try these exercises to strengthen your neck and relieve your pain. Read More >>

Chest Stretches for Back Pain and Neck Pain

Balance your body and ease the pain with these stretches for back pain and stretches for neck pain. Read More >>

Water Walking 101

Swimming and walking can be combined for an incredible arthritis-friendly workout. Water exercises are a great way to work out without straining your joints. Read More >>

4 Two-minute Moves for Pain Relief

A new study shows that just two minutes of exercise daily is enough to ease pain. Read More >>

Circuit Training Workouts

Circuit training offers big benefits in little time. Here's what you need to know. Read More >>

How to Exercise From Your Couch

Check out these couch potato exercises for a routine so easy you can do it while watching TV. Instead of just sitting, exercise to get fit. Read More >>

7 Dynamic Warm Ups

Dynamic stretches can both increase flexibility and help you warm up before you work out. Read More >>

Gentle Moves for Rest Days

Rest is important to any workout routine, allowing the body to recuperate. Low-impact exercises keep the joints flexible between workout days. Read More >>

3 Simple Weightlifting Moves

Weighlifting exercises and resistance training offers numerous benefits to help manage arthritis pain. Read More >>