Access to Medical Care

Learn how to navigate common health care challenges, including insurance coverage hurdles, telemedicine, surgery prep and more.

Finding Trusted Arthritis Info

The internet is brimming with health advice and information, but not all sources of medical information are created equal. So how do you find trustworthy sources when searching for information about your arthritis? In this episode, guest speaker Dr. Arefa Cassoobhoy, Chief Medical Editor and Vice President of Medical Affairs with the Everyday Health Group, shares insights to help weed through what’s fact and fiction and get to the information you need.

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Advocating for Arthritis

People with arthritis face unique barriers to care – and we are working hard to break down these barriers by advocating for the arthritis community with lawmakers and decision makers on Capitol Hill and beyond. Our guest expert, Anna Hyde, will help us understand how sharing our arthritis stories with policy makers can be a driving force for change.

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Navigating Telemedicine

The risk of exposure to COVID-19 made telemedicine a way of life, and most agree it’s here to stay. Learn about its benefits and challenges and some tips for making the most of a telehealth visit.

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Preparing for Joint Surgery 

Having arthritis means you may have to decide to have surgery at some point. Hear an orthopedic surgeon discuss ways to manage pain if you’re not ready yet, and what to consider when you are preparing for surgery. 

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