Sample 504 Accommodations for Your Child With JA 

You may want to include modifications like these in your child's 504 plan. 

Not sure what to include in a 504 plan? Here are suggestions covering topics such as absences and tardiness, assignments and homework, taking medication at school, moving around the school campus, peer assistance and other issues. 

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Absence and Tardiness

  • Student is allowed to make up missed schoolwork or tests without penalty when medically necessary.
  • Student will receive excused absences for missed school and tardiness when medically necessary

Assignments and Homework

  • Student is assigned a notetaker, when needed.
  • Student is allowed to submit assignment late without penalty during flares or due to medical appointments.
  • Student may submit oral answers to class and homework assignments.
  • Homeroom teacher will contact a parent to pick up homework assignments when student is absent.
  • Student is allowed to dictate homework to a parent, who will write or type assignment. (Parents will sign the assignment when it is dictated.)

Books and Materials

  • Student is provided with two sets of books — one set for school and one set for home.
  • Student is allowed to use built-up pencils and other ergonomic school supplies.
  • Student is provided with photocopies of teacher notes that are written on the board.

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