Solving Common 504 Plan Challenges 

Learn how to solve common 504 plan challenges so your child gets the accommodations he or she needs to succeed. 

Whether your child has had a 504 plan for years, or your brand new to the process, ensuring your child has access to the right accommodations can be tough. This webinar explores common challenges regarding the preparation and implementation of your child’s 504 plan, as well as offer solutions to address those concerns. 

You’ll also:  
  • Get tips for making changes to your child’s current plan. 
  • Learn what to do if your child moves schools. 
  • Understand how legal protections for students with disabilities vary for private and public schools. 
  • Discover the role of a 504 coordinator and how he/she can help during a dispute. 
  • Get tips on how to better communicate with your child’s school during a disagreement or dispute. 
  • Learn what to do if you child’s school or teacher refuses to provide accommodations outlined in your child’s 504 plan or the ones recommended by your child’s doctor. 
  • Learn how accommodations may differ depending on grade level, and how to account for those changes in your child’s 504 plan. 

Presenter: Cheval Bryant, MCD, CCC-SLP; Senior Manager, Speech-Language Services, Section 504 Coordinator, Houston Independent School District. 

Download a PDF of the PPT or view the entire webinar here.

Please note it may take some time to open the Webex recording page, depending on the speed of your computer. The WebEx ARF player is required to playback the recording. 

This webinar was recorded on August 23, 2017. 

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