Hot Tips for Cold Hands Affected by Arthritis

Inclement weather and cold temperatures can worse arthritis hand pain. Try these hot solutions to get some pain relief.

By Bryan D. Vargo | Updated Feb. 29, 2024

Winter weather often means two things for hands: pain and stiffness. Simply running your hands under warm water can jumpstart relief. But for longer-lasting effects, try these hot ideas. 

At home. Dip sore, dry hands — even elbows and feet — in a warm paraffin bath. Not only does it ease pain, but it also helps maintain muscle strength in people with hand osteoarthritis, according to a study in Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Bonus: It also leaves skin moisturized. 

Try the Homedics ParaSpa Plus Paraffin Bath, ( or use a microwavable mitt (, which doesn’t require a lengthy heating-up period, as paraffin baths do. 

On the go. When a paraffin bath or microwaveable mitt is impractical, try hand warmers like HotHands Hand Warmers (available at Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Costco). Simply squeeze and shake the warmer to activate.

Battery-powered heated gloves, mittens and jackets (available on and some outfitters) have grown popular and use rechargeable batteries that are activated with the push of a button.

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