INSIGHTS into Arthritis

Your priorities are our mission. Through connecting with arthritis patients at community events, patient surveys and listening sessions, we’ve been able to develop resources, influence research and change systems to improve lives.

Patient perspectives are paramount to everything we do at the Arthritis Foundation. When we looked at all the information and research we’ve gathered over the years, we found that those who engage with the education, resources and connections of the Arthritis Foundation are having a positive impact in taking action against arthritis. Read more about these key findings

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We've learned that there are 6 areas that matter most to your patients:

  1. Managing Pain
  2. Emotional well-being and metal health
  3. Nutrition
  4. Medical outcomes
  5. Struggles of daily living
  6. Access to health care - insurance, medications, doctors

These areas of concern for people with arthritis fall into three primary categories: physical health, emotional health and experience of care for their arthritis. The Live Yes! Arthritis Community, created by the Arthritis Foundation, connects people with arthritis, both in person and online, with a goal of having an impact on these three categories of concern.

The Live Yes! INSIGHT program, launched in 2018, provided powerful information to support the Arthritis Foundation’s mission to help transform the lives of people with arthritis. This set of patient-reported outcome measures resulted in more than 18,000 people providing their insights into the daily struggles of living with arthritis.

These shared experiences provided valuable information to ensure we’re on track to meet the needs of people with arthritis. Through continued use of patient-reported outcome surveys we’ll stay on top of the research and resources that are important to make sure your priorities remain our mission.

The information generated from patient experiences is also being leveraged to incluence external stakeholders and the healthcare system at large that are part of the larger arthritis community.