Local Leadership Boards

The Arthritis Foundation is dedicated to building robust connections with our volunteer community while cultivating new leaders. Volunteers are, quite simply, at the center of everything we do.

In communities nationwide, we are building our volunteer base to achieve our goals in the focus areas of fundraising, volunteer engagement, advocacy, juvenile arthritis, and help and support. These local Leadership Boards, in partnership with staff, are leading the way.

Whether you are interested in getting more involved, or you’ve already made the commitment to serve, we encourage you to explore this site to learn more.

Volunteer Resources

We offer many volunteer training opportunities to help support you in your role. Read More >>

Leadership Board Chair

As the Arthritis Foundation Local Leadership Board Chair, you will help lead a powerful and committed community of volunteers, united in their passion for our mission. Below are some resources that will help you be successful in your role. Read More >>

Young Adult Chair

Two-thirds of people with arthritis are under age 65. The Arthritis Foundation has a unique opportunity to better serve the needs of young adults with arthritis. Review the following materials to learn more about taking a leadership role in our quest to conquer arthritis. Read More >>

Juvenile Arthritis Chair

Growing up with arthritis hurts – just ask any of the 300,000 children impacted by this illness. Help make a difference in the lives of these kids and their families by taking a stand and leading the charge. Review the following materials and links to learn more about taking a leadership role in our Read More >>

Volunteer Engagement Chair

Volunteers are crucial to getting our message out and achieving our goals. We can't do our important work without the help of engaged volunteers. Helping identify, recruit and cultivate new volunteers is key to fulfilling our mission. Review the following materials and links to learn more about taki Read More >>

Fundraising Chair

The fight to conquer arthritis takes steadfast commitment, determination and resources. With leadership and support from people like you, we will help bring a lifetime of Yes to everyone affected by this condition. Read More >>

Advocacy Chair

The Arthritis Foundation has the strength and knowledge to boldly conquer the obstacles of arthritis through authority and action—fighting for you, fighting for your family and fighting for a cure. Read More >>

Help & Support Chair

The Arthritis Foundation helps people live better with arthritis – offering simple yet effective ways to conquer everyday battles and take control of their condition. Review the following information to learn more about taking a leadership role within Help & Support. Read More >>

Medical Chair

As the Medical Chair, you play a critical role in helping the Arthritis Foundation build a strong and engaged network of health care professionals. Learn more. Read More >>