Telling the Arthritis Foundation's Story

You have 20 seconds to make the case for why the Arthritis Foundation. What do you say? From convincing a prospect that he/she should volunteer to explaining why a local company should be a sponsor, there is an easy three-part equation setting up your "pitch."

Taking it a Step Further

Prepare for your next big recruitment opportunity! View a full set of examples, which detail unique opportunities and talking points for each unique scenario you may encounter.

You can also read our accomplishment talking points to learn about our most recent “solutions” so that you can build your own pitch.

When it comes to the work we are doing, there is no shortage of information to support describing the impact the Arthritis Foundation is having for the arthritis community. Take a closer look at our impact, both nationally and locally, and download our 2016 Accomplishments thus far to arm yourself with even more information to help recruit new volunteers, donors, and tell the Arthritis Foundation's story in the most compelling way possible!