State Advocacy

Arthritis is Unacceptable! We need to change how people view the face of arthritis! We need politicians to listen!

The Arthritis Foundation is working hard to ensure that adequate patient protections are included in any patient's bill of rights. These include access to specialists, such as rheumatologists, access to clinical trials, and the right to both fair and timely internal and external appeals. All consumers must have health care choice and access. Let your Representative know how important and necessary these and other patient protections are and that they must be part of any patients' bill of rights considered by Congress.

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The key to success in changing government policies and funding is through grassroots advocacy. As a voter, congress wants to know what you have to say. Our E-Advocacy Program gives you the tools to have a successful voice. You are the Arthritis Foundation's chief resource for making positive changes in Washington.

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