Upcoming Webinars

Mark your calendar for these educational events with leading arthritis experts to help you better manage your pain and symptoms. 

Thursday, April 25; 6:00-7:15pm ET

Shades of Arthritis: Patient and Provider Perspectives 

Join us for a conversation between doctors and patients about the challenges Black and Hispanic Americans with arthritis face. Get practical advice for better care, including tips for better doctor-patient communication, understanding the healthcare system, and finding support. Also, learn lifestyle changes to manage arthritis.

This event made possible with support from Bristol Myers Squibb. 

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Thursday, May 23; 6:00-7:15pm ET

Advances in Arthritis Care

Learn about the latest in arthritis research, including current studies, promising drug advances and emerging therapies. Also, hear the perspectives about potential new treatments from researchers, healthcare professionals, and patients. 

This event made possible with support from Bristol Myers Squibb and AbbVie. 

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Thursday, June 27; 6:00-7:15pm ET

Fighting Arthritis Brain Fog and Fatigue

Pain is an obvious challenge in arthritis, but the mental fog and fatigue that come with it can be just as unbearable. In this webinar, you’ll learn about the possible causes of brain fog and weariness in arthritis, and ways to tackle exhaustion. Also, gain tips and tricks to regain your clarity and help you feel like your old self again.

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