Drug Class: DMARDs
Brand Names: Otezla


For adults with active psoriatic arthritis: Starting dose 10 mg daily increased over five days to a maintenance dose of 30 mg twice a day. A lower dosage of 30 mg once a day is recommended for patients with severe kidney disease.

Potential Side Effects

Diarrhea; headache; nausea; weight

Be Aware

Do not take with strong cytochrome P450 enzyme inducers such as carbamazepine, rifampin, phenobarbital or phenytoin.

You should monitor your weight regularly when taking this drug. Tell your doctor if you have unexplained or clinically significant weight loss occurs.

This drug may cause depression or worsening of depression. Tell your doctor if you have new or worsening depression, suicidal thoughts or other mood changes.

                                                                           LAST UPDATED: 03/27/2014

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