Drug Class: Biologics (IL-inhibitor)
  Brand Names:  Kevzara


200 mg subcutaneous injection every other week.

Potential Side Effects

Redness and swelling at injection site, upper respiratory infections and urinary tract infections.

Special Instructions

Women of childbearing age should use effective contraception during treatment.

Be Aware

All biologics suppress the immune system and may increase your risk of infections. Tell your doctor if you have an active infection. Do not start treatment if you have a serious or recurrent infection (such as pneumonia). You should be tested for tuberculosis before starting this medication. Do not get a live vaccine when taking biologics.

This medication may lower white blood cell and platelet counts, which may make it hard for your body to fight infections and stop bleeding. It has also been linked to high cholesterol and triglycerides, a type of blood fat. You should have regular cholesterol tests. Perforations of the gastrointestinal tract have been reported in patients taking this medication, most often in those who also used NSAIDs. Tell your doctor if you have severe or persistent stomach pain.

LAST UPDATED: 06/09/2017

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