Participate in Science

Getting involved in science in one form or another allows you and your loved ones to help scientists find better treatments for others in the future. Clinical trials and disease registries are part of clinical research and are at the heart scientific discovery.

You have the power to influence the research conducted by scientists in other way too, like taking surveys or serving on committees. Below are current opportunities:

JIA Stop Medications Survey

Researchers from Rutgers University, together with researchers and parents from across North America, are interested in how young people with juvenile arthritis and their parents decide when to stop medicines. They are looking for parents and patients to take this short survey. The hope is that this study will help families and rheumatologists communicate better about stopping medicines.

Note: This study is made possible through PARTNERS and is funded by CARRA. Please contact the study organizers for more information (Dr. Daniel Horton at 732.235.4980 or


Everyone with a connection to juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) is encouraged to join PARTNERS – a group of organizations, patients and parents dedicated to improving the lives of children with rheumatic diseases through research. We want to know what research matters to you, and by joining you will be able to tell us through surveys and other activities.

Clinical Trial Basics

Clinical Trial Information from National Institutes of Health (NIH).

TARGET Biomarker Study

FNIH Biomarkers Consortium TARGET Biomarker Study to Identify Cardiovascular Risk in RA Patients