State Advocacy

Become an Advocate!

Advocates are our most powerful weapon against laws and regulations that create barriers for people living with arthritis. The best Advocate is someone who knows what it’s like to fight the everyday arthritis battles – someone like you!

With training and guidance from the Foundation, Advocates help lawmakers, insurers and other regulators understand what it’s like to live with arthritis and how they can improve access to care. By sharing your personal arthritis story, you will become part of the solution and a Champion of Yes!

Advocacy Summit

Our annual Advocacy Summit is a two-day conference in the Washington DC area that calls on people across the country who are interested in owning an important role in the fight against arthritis. Attendees learn how to use their voice and arthritis story to demonstrate the devastating impact of arthritis, then meet with members of Congress, helping them better understand how they can help those affected by this disease.

Advocacy State Day

Advocacy State Day is a local, one-day version of Advocacy Summit. Participants meet at the state capital for informational meetings, then talk to their state lawmakers and regulators.

Learn more by going to  or calling 202-887-2913.