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The Arthritis Foundation Ambassador Program organizes passionate advocates to make an impact in arthritis education and legislation. Find out about upcoming and past ambassador assignments here. Email [email protected] with any questions about the Ambassador Program.

2023 Ambassador Assignments

November & December

There is so much power in your story as an individual living with arthritis! Advocacy is simple – it is storytelling based on facts. Patient stories are crucial in advocacy as they provide a human face to issues and challenges that arthritis patients face each day. You are your very own subject matter experts. Be confident sharing your story! Only you know the truth of your experience.

Advocacy Insider Info:
We use your stories in meetings with members of Congress and state legislatures constantly. Congress and state legislators regularly ask for patient impact stories. They know the facts and figures of specific bills, but hearing HOW these bills affect patients and WHY they should — or shouldn’t — pass a bill is something that can only come through individual patient stories.

Fill out this survey to share your story and your experience as a patient. Using this survey will help you craft an ambassador “bio”

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