Arthritis Ambassador Program Current Assignment

Ambassador Program: Current Assignment

Arthritis Ambassadors are asked to commit 2 hours a month for at least one year to the program. Every other month we host a half hour webinar, called the Ambassador Briefing, where you will receive your current assignment (listed below). Additionally, new Ambassador training takes place immediately following the Ambassador Briefing, stay on the line to learn more about our program and your new role as an Ambassador. The most current training and orientation slides are available on our Arthritis Foundation Youtube account in our advocacy playlist, check it out here!

Platinum Ambassadors are top Ambassadors who complete all Ambassador assignments for the year (October 2017- September 2018), plus 4 bonus activities, and raise $1,000 (give or get). 2017 Platinum Ambassadors are eligible to attend the Advocacy Summit in Washington, DC. Ambassadors wishing to achieve the Platinum Ambassador award will need to report all of their assignments and bonus activities in the Reporting Center

View the list of 2017-2018 Ambassador Bonus Activities and click here to download a checklist to track your progress to Platinum Ambassador.

Upcoming 2018 Briefing Dates

All briefings will be held at 3:00 PM Eastern time - you will be notified of any changes.

  • May 23
  • July 18
  • September 12

The next Ambassador Briefing will take place on May 23, at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

  • To dial in, please dial 866-487-9460, code 9317092991

Briefing slides from our last briefing can be found here:

  1. March 2018: Ambassador Briefing Slides
  2. New Ambassador Orientation Slides

Current Activity

Option 1: Participate in our Accumulator Programs and You Twitter Chat.  Accumulator Adjustment Programs are relatively new policies that some pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and insurers are using to change how patients meet their annual deductible. These plans could especially impact people in high deductible health plans. Under co-pay accumulator programs, coupons and co-pay assistance still allow patients to access their medication. But health plans do not apply that assistance toward a patient’s deductible. Join our Twitter Chat on May 9 at 3:00 pm eastern to #AsktheAF your questions and share your tips and tricks for talking with your insurers, employers, and peers about health care. 

Option 2: Volunteer at Mission Tent at your your local Walk to Cure Arthritis. We are kicking off our Walk to Cure Arthritis Season at the Arthritis Foundation. Each Walk to Cure Arthritis event will feature a Mission Tent to showcase important Arthritis Foundation resources and opportunities. Volunteer at your Mission Tent and talk with event participants about advocacy and why it is important to #AdvocateforArthritis!  Connect with the staff at your local Arthritis Foundation office to volunteer at the Walk to Cure Arthritis nearest you.

Option 3: Share Your Story for Arthritis Awareness month this May. May is recognized each year as National Arthritis Awareness Month. Take a stand, share your story! Help raise awareness for arthritis, the leading cause of disability in the United States, by posting on social media media throughout the month, authoring an op-ed, or writing a letter to your elected officials to share your arthritis story.

Ambassador Bonus Activities

Are you working toward becoming a 2018 Platinum Ambassador? Please be sure to report your Ambassador Activities! If you have missed an activity so far this year, but are committed to achieving the award, please reach out to me at and we'll work together to identify some additional bonus activities that you can complete.

Please note that four bonus activities plus $1,000 fundraised (give or get) is required to become a 2017 Platinum Ambassador.  Bonus Activities must be reported on in the Ambassador Reporting Center.