JA Warrior Paige Goehner raises awareness for Arthritis and wins Food Network's Kids Baking Championship Season 6

Paige rises to the top, sharing her arthritis story and connection to the Arthritis Foundation on the show.

ATLANTA, March 22, 2019 – Competition isn’t always sweet, but for juvenile arthritis (JA) Warrior and baking extraordinaire Paige Goehner, the kitchen gave her the space to show off her incredible skills and inspire people with arthritis, including the 300,000 kids with JA, to reach for their dreams and overcome the limitations of the debilitating disease. After 10 episodic competitions and countless cakes and desserts, Paige wowed judges Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli one more time with a chess-themed cake – and won the season finale!

“There’s a difference in having arthritis and having arthritis define you,” said Paige Goehner. “This is why I shared my arthritis story and how the Arthritis Foundation is part of my life on the show. It’s important to me that kids with JA get the support they need and get involved, like going to JA Camp or participating in Walk to Cure Arthritis, so they feel like the sky is the limit and can sideline their arthritis by finding the activities, friends and resources they need.”

When sports, such as soccer and running, continued to come with aches and pains, Paige looked for a new hobby. “I wanted to find an activity where I could be as powerful as my friends who play sports, and then I started watching my dad bake and wanted to do it too,” said Paige.

Quickly, Paige started spending her spare time studying techniques and baking everything from cupcakes to macarons to multi-layer cakes. This enthusiasm for baking led her to compete on Food Network’s “Kids Baking Championship” and ultimately win the show.

“Paige is an inspiration to people with arthritis and everyone with a chronic disease. Not only did Paige excel on the show, she also raised awareness about JA and how she found strength and support from the Arthritis Foundation community,” said Ann M. Palmer, president and CEO, Arthritis Foundation. “We are proud and excited to watch Paige take on new challenges and be a Champion of Yes!”

Getting on the show wasn’t easy. Paige spent nearly every evening and weekend refining and learning skills to apply for the next season, when she didn’t make the cut the first year.

“When you’re surrounded by such talented kids, it’s hard to imagine winning the show, so I thought I was living my dream just by being on ‘Kids Baking Championship,'” said Paige Goehner. “But, as my friends on the show packed up their aprons and went home week after week, I started to realize my dream wasn’t just being on the show – it was winning the show…and then I won!”

Paige won $25,000 from the Food Network and a feature in Food Network Magazine. She plans to donate a portion of her winnings to the Arthritis Foundation, treat herself to a laptop and continue volunteering and being involved with the Arthritis Foundation, including fundraising for her Walk to Cure Arthritis team “Paige’s Baking Buddies,” going to JA Camp, and auctioning her baking services at her local Arthritis Foundation gala.

Learn more about Paige’s story and support the one in four Americans by participating Walk to Cure Arthritis.

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