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Living with arthritis or and related disease can add extra challenges on top of everything else going on in your life. Connect with others who share similar challenges. Hear what others have learned that might help you. And share your own tips to help our community even more. You’re not alone. Join or start a Live Yes! Connect Group or event to get educated and feel empowered.

It’s great to have family and friends who are concerned about what you or your child's going through. But connecting with others who know firsthand what it’s like can make an even greater difference. Whether you are Living with arthritis yourself, you’re the parent of a child with JA or you’re the caregiver of a loved one who’s battling it — being part of a local Live Yes! Connect Group or event may be just what you need.
Today, you can connect virtually — or in person, when that’s possible — with others like you who understand. Join others in your community or online who are also living with arthritis and who can help you with you or your child's symptoms, what you’re feeling and the obstacles you face in your arthritis journey, all in a safe and caring environment. Led by Arthritis Foundation volunteers, our support groups and events are welcoming, encouraging and informative. If there’s not a group or event near you, you can start one yourself to help others.
For all ages and stages of arthritis or related disease, your local Live Yes! Connect Group or event may help you find the answers and support you’re looking for.

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Local, peer-led support groups that provide connections, education, and empowerment to adults living with arthritis, rheumatic diseases and parent/guardians of children living with arthritis.

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