Foot, Heel & Toe Pain

Anatomy of the Foot

The foot is comprised of many bones, joints, tendons and ligaments including the plantar fascia and the achilles tendon. Learn about the anatomy of the foot. Read More >>

Foot Heel & Toe Pain Causes

Discover the causes of foot pain including injuries, arthritis and other common problems with the feet that create major foot pains. Read More >>

Foot, Heel & Toe Pain Diagnosis

If you have foot or heel pain, find out what your doctor will likely to do provide a foot pain diagnosis including imaging tests. Read More >>

Foot, Heel & Toe Pain Treatment

Discover the most common foot treatment options including those for the heel and toe. Read More >>

Foot, Heel & Toe Care

If you have foot, toe or heel pain, discover the best care tips and options to prevent foot pain and get around more easily. Read More >>