Back Pain

What is Back Pain?

The back is a common target of several types of arthritis and can cause a great deal of pain. Learn more about types of pain, causes, treatments, and who's affected. Read More >>

Back Pain Symptoms

If you have a severe fall or injury or your back pain is accompanied by any of the following, make an appointment to see a doctor immediately. Read More >>

Back Pain Causes

Most back pain is due to strain, injury or posture problems affecting the ligaments or muscles of the spine. However it may be due to arthritis, scoliosis, inflamed nerves or a problem in a different part of the body. Read More >>

Diagnosing Back Pain

A primary doctor can evaluate and treat most cases of back pain. Health history, a physical exam and possibly diagnostic tests will be used to make a proper diagnosis. Read More >>

Back Pain Treatments

Medical treatments include over-the-counter and prescription analgesics or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines to help relieve pain. In some cases, surgery may be helpful. Read More >>

Back Pain Self-care

Maintaining good posture, using natural and alternative therapies, getting exercise, losing weight and relieving stress are different ways to reduce back pain. Read More >>

More About Back Pain

Learn more about back pain, including the latest news and research. Read More >>