Clark Middleton Memorial Fund

We at the Arthritis Foundation are saddened by the unexpected loss of Clark Middleton. As an actor, teacher and advocate, Clark spent a lifetime defying limits and arthritis. Diagnosed with the disease at age 4, Clark had an estimated 14 surgeries over the years, including replacement of 10 joints. Yet he never let his disability stop him from living a full and accomplished life.


Clark told us a few years ago that his father refused to let him quit, constantly instilling in him that he could define his own reality by how he thought about himself and how he carried himself. “He wouldn’t allow me to think of myself as a victim,” Clark said. “I’m living the dream and I want to be able to give back."

Though we mourn his passing, we are also grateful that Clark’s legacy will carry on to provide life-changing research, resources and support for the nearly 60 million Americans living with arthritis. Your meaningful gift to the Clark Middleton Memorial Fund will help improve their lives and the lives of those who love them.