Connect Group Guidelines, Terms and Conditions

Arthritis Foundation Mission & Live Yes! Arthritis Promise

Connect Group

The Arthritis Foundation's mission to boldly pursue a cure for America's #1 cause of disability, while championing the fight against arthritis with life-changing resources, science, advocacy, and community connections.

Live Yes! Arthritis Network Promise:

The Live Yes! Arthritis Network, created by the Arthritis Foundation, makes connections both in-person and online to empower people to live their best life. People with arthritis find strength in each other, manage stress, and take control of their health care.


Live Yes! Connect Groups and events:

  • Provide connections, education, and empowerment for people living the arthritis journey.
  • Offer educational, social, and/or networking events to establish relationships and a community that fosters mutual support and positive coping strategies for living well.
  • Offer a supportive place of understanding and encouragement, right in their community or online. Over time Live Yes! Connect members become self-advocates, develop self-management skills, and learn how to not just survive life with arthritis but to thrive.
  • Are led by passionate local volunteers whose intention is to bring people together and provide help & support to parents/guardians of children living with Juvenile Arthritis and childhood rheumatic disease, caregivers, and adults living with all types of arthritis and related conditions within a geographic area.

Our network connects people to tools/resources, personal connections, and the collective knowledge of our members; helping each person live better with arthritis.

Live Yes! Connect Facilitators:

  • Determine the frequency of events in their community. Facilitators could host a single event (i.e. JA Day) or regularly engage an ongoing group to build a supportive local community.
  • Determine the location, delivery method, event cadence, event type, and group type.
  • Set meeting format - in person, online, or a hybrid of both virtual and in person.
  • Set the pace, choose if events are going to be educational, social, networking, or a combination.
  • Define the focus of the group and events which may be inclusive to all types of arthritis, or disease-specific or specialized to a particular population or demographic.
  • Promote and market their events.

Facilitator Expectations

As a volunteer, Live Yes! Connect Facilitators are a representative of the Arthritis Foundation. Please keep in mind the following general expectations for the position:

  • Live Yes! Connect Facilitators are self-starters who are entrepreneurial and are expected to produce events without Arthritis Foundation staff support.
  • Conduct yourself professionally and dress appropriately, even virtually
  • Make sure events are a welcoming and safe environment, even virtually
  • Use the Connect Group website to add events, engage and communicate with group members, and report member attendance.
  • Ensure you are always presenting unbiased information.
  • Encourage group members to use problem-solving strategies and be proactive in their healthcare.
  • Direct people to Arthritis Foundation events, resources, and programs.
  • Be respectful and do not create drama or gossip. If you have a concern or question bring it directly to the person to resolve it. Remember to remain sensitive to audience needs.
  • Do not sell or promote any specific products, especially for personal gain. Nor any patient recruitment for studies or focus groups without approval from the Arthritis Foundation.
  • Collaborate and communicate with Arthritis Foundation staff, Network Leader Chair of the Local Leadership Board.
  • When hosting an ongoing Live Yes! Connect Group,
    • Commit to a 1-year renewable term, dedicating 5 – 10 hours per month.
    • Hosts at least 4 events or more annually, ideally one per quarter.
    • Strive to have two Facilitators per group to share leadership and sustain the group and to avoid canceling or rescheduling meetings.
    • Communicate and engage with group members and prospective group members regularly. 
    • Keep the Arthritis Foundation Facilitator Leadership Committee, and group members, Arthritis Foundation staff and Network Leader Chair informed if you are not doing well, or life is happening.

Live Yes! Connect Group Facilitator Standards

Respect Our Intention

Live Yes! Connect Group events are intended to help people live their best life by creating a powerful network of support through shared experiences, empowering information, and meaningful connections. Whether it is online or in-person, we are all working together to promote life-changing Arthritis Foundation resources and research, to push for change, and to create community connections that welcome, inform, and uplift. This is what makes our community thrive and why we are all Champions of Yes.

Messaging Guidelines:

  • Don't Spam Members: Content sent to members, participants that is irrelevant, impersonal, unsolicited marketing of products and services, self-promotion for direct or indirect financial gain or repetitive is considered spam. The Facilitator may be stepped down for spamming members. 
  • Be Clear, Professional & Respectful: To provide a quality experience to our members, participants titles of Live Yes! Connect Groups and events are to be relevant, useful, and easy to understand. Excessive or improper use of punctuation, symbols, capitalization, spacing, URLs, or repetition, intended to grab attention for a Live Yes! Connect Group or event will need to be edited.
    We consider the following examples to be excessive or gimmicky use of numbers, symbols, punctuation, repetition, or spacing: !!Connect!!!, c*o*n*n*e*c*t*, CONNECT, CoNnEcT, or c o n n e c t. 
    Using profanity, or words in an attacking, sexual way, or in a way intended to offend people, is prohibited in Live Yes! Connect Group names and event titles, descriptions, or any other area that is publicly promoted or viewable on the platform.
  • Intellectual Property: The Arthritis Foundation respects the intellectual property rights of others. Posting content that violates another party's intellectual property rights is prohibited. 
    When provided with the requisite information, the Arthritis Foundation will remove or disable access to material that infringes on the intellectual property rights of others or remove accounts of those who may be repeat infringers. Please note that simply holding a Live Yes! Connect Group event around a similar topic in a shared location, is generally not considered a violation of our policies.

Maintaining Active Status

Single Event Facilitators

If you choose to host a single event, we request that you inform attendees of opportunities to become a Facilitator and host ongoing meetings. Please refer the interested individual to the group page where they can select the "Join This Group's Facilitator Team" button. If no one expresses interest, the Live Yes! Connect Group created for this event will be closed after 120 days and the members notified.

Ongoing Live Yes! Connect Groups

It is recommended to have at least two members of a group in the role of Facilitator that share in the organization, leadership, and sustainability of the Live Yes! Connect Group.

It is the responsibility of the Facilitator(s) to regularly engage the group by hosting events, responding to members promptly, posting content, and engaging on the Live Yes! Connect Group site. If Live Yes! Connect Facilitator(s) do not engage their group during a 120-day period, the members will be notified that in 30 days the group will be closed unless an existing member steps into the Facilitator role. If no one steps up after 30 days, the group will be closed, and the members notified.

Live Yes! Connect Group Facilitator Change Policies

Adding a Second Live Yes! Connect Group Facilitator to a group

Group members are encouraged to step into the Facilitator role by selecting the “Join This Group’s Facilitator Team” button on the group page.  

Live Yes! Connect Group Facilitator Step Down

  • Facilitators Who Choose To Step Down -If a Facilitator chooses to leave their role within a group, we refer to this action as "stepping down." 
    • If a Facilitator steps down in a group without a second Facilitator, any member of the group can step up as the new Facilitator. Facilitators should notify the group Members of their intention to step down. If no one steps up, the Connect Group will be closed, and the members notified.
  • Facilitators Who Stop Engaging Their Connect Group And Are Automatically Stepped Down
    • Facilitators can be stepped down from their role if they do not engage their group or login during a 120-day period. The members will be notified that in 30 days the group will be closed unless an existing member steps into the Facilitator role. If no one steps up after 30 days, the group will be closed, and the members notified.

Live Yes! Connect Facilitator Reinstatements

If a former Facilitator wants to reinstate after stepping down intentionally or unintentionally and another member has taken over as the Facilitator, the decision to reinstate will be subject to approval.

Terms and Conditions

At the Arthritis Foundation, we believe that real-life supportive community is essential. Whether you are a JA parent or guardian, caregiver, or adult living with arthritis, when people come together, they learn from each other. Ideas spread, connections form. Life is just better when you have people who understand and can support each other on the arthritis journey.

Live Yes! Connect Facilitators help people live their best life with arthritis and build communities that will help them thrive.

To make this possible, The Arthritis Foundation requires Live Yes! Connect Facilitators to meet some basic requirements. Facilitators must adhere to the following Arthritis Foundation terms and conditions as it relates to Live Yes! Connect Groups and events.

  1. Age Requirement
    Facilitators must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Relationship to Arthritis Foundation; Mission-related benefit
    Organized and carried out by volunteers wishing to support the Arthritis Foundation’s mission, without the direct assistance or involvement of the Arthritis Foundation, all Live Yes! Connect Facilitators and events must align with and benefit the mission of the Arthritis Foundation.
  3. Use of Arthritis Foundation Name and Logo
    Facilitators may use provided flyers to market events. Facilitators may designate event is done “in association with” or “on behalf of” the Arthritis Foundation in written communications. Facilitators may not use the Arthritis Foundation logo unless approved in advance, in writing by Arthritis Foundation Staff.
  4. Financial Policies
    • Once a volunteer registers as a new Live Yes! Connect Facilitator or a new Live Yes! Connect Group or event, the Arthritis Foundation will provide them access to a toolkit of resources to assist with event planning.
    • The Arthritis Foundation will not reimburse Live Yes! Connect Facilitators for any expenses. As the Facilitator, you are responsible for logistical costs, marketing, and promotion associated with your event including postal mailings. The Arthritis Foundation cannot supply any funding for your event and is not responsible for any debts incurred.
    • Live Yes! Connect Events are free to the public and membership dues cannot be collected to offset operational costs.
    • Bank accounts may not be opened by anyone in the name of the Arthritis Foundation nor will the Arthritis Foundation pay invoices or provide petty cash.
  5. Liability Insurance; Assumption of Risk; Release from Liability; and Covenant Not to Sue; Prohibited Activities
    • Events should be organized and conducted with the safety of participants, observers, and others in mind. Care should be taken to avoid potentially risky activities and to ensure that all activities are conducted safely.
    • Live Yes! Connect Groups and Events are organized and conducted by volunteers directly, the Arthritis Foundation cannot extend its insurance coverage or provide certificates of insurance for Facilitators, organizers, volunteers, participants, or observers of such events. Facilitators are strongly encouraged to seek liability insurance, and any other appropriate insurance coverage, through a licensed provider.
    • Prohibited Events: Live Yes! Connect events are organized and carried out by Live Yes! Connect Facilitator(s) and are subject to the creativity, imagination, energy, and passion of the event facilitator(s). Events must be organized and carried out with the safety of participants foremost in mind and in accordance with local laws. The following activities are not permitted for Live Yes! Connect events:
      • Alcoholic beverages - either selling or serving
      • Base jumping
      • Bull riding
      • Car racing
      • Extreme skiing (adaptive skiing is permitted)
      • Firework Sale/Display
      • Gliding
      • Go-Kart Races
      • Hang Gliding
      • Hot air ballooning
      • Marijuana use and other controlled substances (regardless of whether legal in the state where the event is occurring)
      • Motocross
      • Motorcycle Events
      • Parachuting Events
      • Private aircraft travel
      • Rappelling
      • Rock climbing
      • Scuba diving
      • Skateboarding with stunts involved
      • Ski jumping
      • Skydiving
      • White water rafting/kayaking
      • Use of Bouncy Houses
    • Please note this list is not all-inclusive. Volunteers must use good judgment and avoid any events involving activities that may subject participants to risk of injury or harm.
    • The Live Yes! Connect Facilitator and any participants, observers, and other attendees assume any and all risks which might be associated with the Event and further waive, release, discharge and covenant not to sue the Arthritis Foundation, its officers, employees, volunteers, contractors or other representatives, or any of their lawful representatives, successors and assigns, for any injuries, losses, costs or damages of any kind whatsoever as a result of the Event and related activities to participants, observers, volunteers or other persons or property.
    • If you have questions about receiving liability insurance for your Live Yes! Connect Group event, consult with your insurance agent or lawyer.
  6. Privacy
    The Arthritis Foundation does not loan or give out its mailing lists. The Live Yes! Connect Group site has a built-in automated email marketing and messaging feature for communication to members of the group.
    Facilitators understand that they may be given access to the identity and details of persons with arthritis and their families. Facilitators are expected to safeguard this information in strict confidence. No information, which might individually identify a registrant with arthritis, will be released by any volunteer of the Arthritis Foundation to anyone outside of the Arthritis Foundation without that registrant’s expressed consent. Emails sent and received as a Facilitator and any documents generated or stored on behalf of the Arthritis Foundation are the property of the organization.
    Facilitator obligations to confidentiality extend beyond tenure at the Arthritis Foundation. Upon dismissal or stepping down, Facilitators may not disclose or provide confidential organization information.
    If a Live Yes! Connect Facilitator discovers that a group member falls into any of the following categories, immediately notify a local Arthritis Foundation staff to have them removed from the Live Yes! Connect Site.
    • Under Age 13 Participation
      Under no circumstances may a minor under the age of 13 use the Live Yes! Connect Group Site.
    • Deceased Member
      If a group member passes away, they will work with the family and honor their wishes if they wish to inform the group.
    • Criminal Record
      If a Facilitator becomes aware that the member is a convicted sex offender or has been convicted of a violent, fraudulent, or dangerous crime notify your Arthritis Foundation Staff. The Arthritis Foundation may remove a member based on their criminal record, for safety, or other concerns. Members with concerns about criminal or illegal activity should always report it to local authorities
  7. Incorporating Minors
    Participants also understand and agree that participation in Live Yes! Connect Events shall be at the participant and their minor child/children's own risk (if applicable) and that neither Arthritis Foundation nor any co-sponsoring organization or facility, nor their respective groups, officers, directors, agents, members, participants or volunteers shall assume or have any responsibility or liability for expenses or medical treatment or for compensation for any injury the participant or their minor child/children may suffer during or resulting from participation in this event. It is the Facilitator's responsibility to ensure that if a minor is present that the content/conversation is age-appropriate and that the parent/adult guardian is in attendance. While Live Yes! Connect Facilitators are welcome to provide activities for families, any minors present at an event must be supervised and accompanied by an adult guardian.
  8. Sales and Marketing for Personal Gain
    The Live Yes! Connect platform helps people connect in real-life either virtually and/or in person. It is not a platform for advertising, sales, special promotions, self-promotion, or direct/indirect personal financial gain and may not be used for such purposes – even if a Facilitator believes any such activities may be of interest to members. Events must focus on creating an experience that adds value for attendees. This can mean learning together, engaging in an activity together, making new friends, or enjoying each other’s company. People should leave events feeling inspired or more connected to the Arthritis Foundation in a positive way.
  9. Inappropriate Behaviors
    Bullying, harassment, exploitation, and acts of hate undermine community building in safe spaces where people can trust one another. Facilitators are expected to enforce against behaviors that are threatening, intentionally malicious, or personally harmful--physically, emotionally, or mentally.
  10. Media Requests
    After reviewing the Volunteers and Media Communications Protocol in the Facilitator Toolkit Live Yes! Connect Facilitators are authorized to act as a representative of the Arthritis Foundation as it relates to marketing Live Yes! Connect Groups locally. All other comments must be directed to Arthritis Foundation staff.
  11. Independence
    While the Arthritis Foundation appreciates and accepts support for its mission through Live Yes! Connect Groups, it will always exercise independent judgment in its decision making.


These are the Arthritis Foundation’s standards for Live Yes! Connect Facilitators. By accepting our Terms and Conditions you are agreeing to abide by the standards outlined in this document.

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