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    The Role of His Life

    Actor Clark Middleton has spent a lifetime defying limits and arthritis. See how he has earned his resilience and his acting chops.

  • The Senate Health Care Bill: What You Need to KnowThe Senate Health Care Bill: What You Need to Know

    The Senate Health Care Bill: What You Need to Know

    On Thursday, June 22, the Senate introduced its version of health reform legislation, the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA). Learn how this bill might change your coverage, costs and access to medical care, and the actions we are taking.

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    Browse Our Tools

    From local resources to personalized exercise modifications and more, browse our tools and resources to help you conquer everyday challenges.

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    Fighting For Greater Health Care Transparency

    Read our position statement on health care transparency, patient representation and collaboration in finding shared solutions.

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    Pushing Through the Pain

    This legendary performer is on top of the world.