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The Michigan offices of the Arthritis Foundation are working to improve the lives of the 2.3 million people across our state who struggle every day with this serious health epidemic.

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2014 Tribute to Excellence Honoring Roger Penske

Rodger Penske was honored by the Arthritis Foundation with a “tribute to excellence” award for his leadership and dedication in helping others at the 2014 Tribute to Excellence which raise over 1 million dollars for the Arthritis Foundation.

Before he took the stage, Penske told me he had no idea until recently children like Logan could be struck down by arthritis.

“Honestly, I wasn’t aware how many young people have it,” said Penske, 77. “I know older people with it, but kids?”

Free Educational Event- Better Living with Arthritis

Saturday, Nov. 1
8a.m. to Noon
Holland Hospital
602 Michigan Ave.
Holland, MI 49423

Better Living with Arthritis is a free educational event featuring eye-opening sessions led by local experts. Learn About the latest care and treatment for arthritis and the healthy choices that can help control symptoms. Find our more about our speakers and register by clicking here.

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Webinar: State Issues: In Hot Demand- The Constituent Advocate!

Brief review of a key state issue(s), tips on being a constituent and an advocate, building effective relationships with your legislators, and local advocacy for upcoming legislation

Presenter:Starla Tanner, Sr. Specialist, Government Affairs, American College of Rheumatology