arthritis medication

Arthritis Medication

Drug Guide

The Arthritis Today Drug Guide provides information about the many drugs used to treat arthritis and arthritis-related conditions. My MedTracker allows you to keep track of the medications you take, your dosages and more. Read More >>

Drug Types

Read about the various drug classes used to treat arthritis and how they work. Read More >>

Medication Safety

When taking arthritis medications, it's important to take certain safety precautions when storing meds, combining meds, and even when consuming foods with your meds. Learn more about safety and your medications. Read More >>

Arthritis Medication Side Effects

Virtually all drugs have side effects so it's important to understand what they are but also how to gauge actual risks. Learn about how to deal with certain side effects and when to make sure they aren't ignored. Read More >>

Arthritis Medication Recalls

A recall is an action taken by a pharmaceutical manufacturer or distributor to remove a product from the market. Learn important information about specific recalls and understanding recalls here. Read More >>