Knee Surgery

Study Finds No Benefit in Immediate Surgery for ACL Tears

Young, active adults who tear the anterior cruciate ligaments, or ACLs, in their knees can expect virtually the same results whether they opt for immediate surgery to repair their injuries or choose to try physical therapy first. Read More >>

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Little Help for Arthritis

Is arthroscopic knee surgery worth considering for chronic pain relief? Read More >>

Diabetes May Not Raise Knee Replacement Risks

Study shows patients with diabetes who undergo total knee replacement are no more likely to have complications than patients without diabetes. Read More >>

Knee Replacements Not Harmed by Most Sports

A study suggests that people who have total knee arthroplasty, or knee replacement surgery, may still be able to enjoy most sports - including running, aerobics, basketball, soccer, football and baseball - without harming their artificial joints. Read More >>

Knee Replacement Risks Higher Among Men

A study finds men undergoing total knee replacement are more likely to develop complications and require more revisions compared to women. Read More >>

Knee Replacement and Revision Surgeries on the Rise

Two new studies, one examining who’s getting total knee replacement and revision surgeries, the other zeroing in on the causes of revision surgeries. Read More >>

Knee Replacements Last for Decades

If you’ve had a total knee replacement, you can expect it to hold up and allow you to remain active for at least 20 years, according to new research. Read More >>

Adequate Rehab After ACL Repair Cuts OA Risk

Restoring full range of motion to the knee after ACL surgery is key to reducing the risk of osteoarthritis. Read More >>