Arthritis Ambassador Program Current Assignment

Ambassador Program: Current Assignment

Arthritis Ambassadors are asked to commit 2 hours a month for at least one year to the program. One hour includes a webinar, where you will receive your current assignment (listed below). Additionally, new Ambassador training takes place via conference call every quarter. The most current training and orientation slides are also listed below.

Platinum Ambassadors are top Ambassadors who complete all Ambassador assignments for the year (October 2016-October 2017), plus 4 bonus activities, and raise $1,000 (give or get). 2017 Platinum Ambassadors are eligible to attend the Platinum Ambassador Fly In in Washington, DC in March 2018.  If you are reengaging in the Ambassador program or a new Ambassador before March 31, 2017 and missed the first two assignments of the 2017 Ambassador year, you must complete 3 additional bonus assignments in addition to the regular Platinum Ambassador requirements.  Ambassadors who join after March 31, 2017 will not be eligible for the Platinum Ambassador Fly In. Ambassadors wishing to obtain Platinum Ambassador will need to report all of their assignments and bonus activities in the Reporting Center at

View the list of 2017 Ambassador Bonus Activities and click here to download a checklist to track your progress to Platinum Ambassador.

Upcoming 2017 Briefing Dates

All briefings will be held at 3:00 PM Eastern time. A 30 minute New Ambassador Orientation will immediately follow each Ambassador Briefing to help new Ambassadors learn more about the program and answer their questions.

  • July 19 
  • September 13
  • November 8

Most Recent Presentation

The next Ambassador Briefing will take place on July 19 at 3:00 p.m. and at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

You can also listen to and view past Ambassador briefings and orientations.

Current Activity

Option 1: Meet with your Members of Congress during August Recess. Use this August Recess Guide to schedule, plan for, and carry out your August Recess meetings. Included in the guide are tips on how to deliver your advocacy message and talking points for our topics:

  1. Support the federal Step Therapy Bill, H.R. 2077, The Restoring the Patient’s Voice Act. You can download and print the leave behind material here.
  2. Support the Ensuring Children’s Access to Specialty Care Act, S. 989. You can download and print the leave behind material here.
  3. Become a member of the Congressional Arthritis Caucus. You can download and print the leave behind material here.

Option 2: Ask your Senators to Co-Sponsor the Ensuring Children's Specialty Care Act (S. 989). Click here for a guide on how to complete this option. You'll have just over a month to complete this activity, the due date is set for July 21! Feel free to send them this Junior Ambassador video in your email:

Option 3: Invite your state and federal elected representative and senators to your local Walk to Cure Arthritis. Click here for a guide on how to complete this activity. Please call the individual offices for your area to obtain contact information.  Due date varies depending on the date of your local Walk and the Reporting Center will have it available to report until October.

Ambassador Bonus Activities

2017 Ambassador Bonus Activities

Please note that four bonus activities plus $1,000 fundraised (give or get) is required to become a 2017 Platinum Ambassador.  Bonus Activities must be reported on in the Ambassador Reporting Center, which is now hosted at