Arthritis Advocacy Webinar Series

Advocate Webinar Series

About the Advocate Webinar Series

Every month, the Arthritis Foundation hosts a 30 minute call to dive a bit deeper into advocacy topics. You’ll hear from special guest speakers, experts, and Advocates like you. All calls will be recorded and archived, so if you have to miss a call, you can always tune in later.

Legislation Across the Nation

September 2017

Listen to our update on our 2017 state legislative victories and a preview of what's coming up in 2018! Thanks to your hard work in sharing your stories, we have broken down barriers to care across the nation. Join us for a look back on how far we have come in advocating for arthritis, helping to secure 16 legislative victories to date this year alone, and what it means for the road ahead. Watch the recording.

Juvenile Arthritis and Its Impact

July 2017

July is Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month! Watch our July Advocate Webinar Series event on JA advocacy. This webinar featured guest speakers Maria Floyd of the Ambassador program and Lily Byrne of the Junior Ambassador program. They shared their arthritis stories and talk about how advocacy has played a role in their lives. We also discussed the Juvenile Arthritis Conference and ways to get involved in JA advocacy from home. Watch the recording.

Health Care Reform and What It Means for You

June 2017

In this Special Edition of our Advocate Webinar Series, the Arthritis Foundation and the American College of Rheumatology join forces to discuss health care reform, where we are now, what to expect, and the impact of these bills on the arthritis community. Watch the recording.

Recruiting at Local Events

May 2017

Join the Advocacy and Access team and Platinum Ambassador Heidi Barrett to learn the best tactics for recruiting new Advocates and Ambassadors in your local communities! Watch the recording.

State Capitol Days: What to Expect

April 2017

Join the Advocacy and Access team for a closer look at State Capitol Days. You'll learn what to expect when you attend an event and how you can get involved! Watch the recording.

The Power of Social Media

March 2017

Join the Advocacy and Access team and Ambassador Anna Legassie for a lesson on the Power of Social Media! Watch the recording.

2017: A Look Ahead

January 2017

Join the Advocacy and Access team to learn about our plans for 2017, how you can get involved, and what we can accomplish together! Listen to the recording here!

Year in Review

December 2016

Join the Advocacy and Access team for year’s end look at 2016 and where we’re headed next. Listen to the recording here!

Drug Development and Arthritis

October 2016

Join the Advocacy and Access team to understand the patient role in drug development and how to share your story to make a difference. Listen to the recording here!

The One Sentence Advocate

September 2016

Join the Advocacy and Access team for a lesson about crafting a one sentence speech that will allow you to share your arthritis story in less than one minute. Listen to the recording here!

Help and Support Webinar

May 18, 2016

Join Arthritis Foundation Senior Vice President of Consumer Health, Cindy McDaniel on Wednesday, May 18 at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time for a special Advocate Webinar Series presentation to learn more about tools to help you live better with arthritis. Check out new resources from the Arthritis Foundation and how to use them to make you an everyday Champion of Yes. The webinar is 30 minutes and will be recorded. Listen to the recording!

Insurance Appeals Webinar

April 20, 2016

Join the Arthritis Foundation for the next Advocate Webinar Series on insurance appeals. Advocate Webinar Series presentations are now 30 minutes. Listen to the insurance appeals webinar.

From Your Couch to Capitol Hill: Advocating Anywhere

Recorded on March 31, 2016

Join the Arthritis Foundation staff and Advocates on Thursday, March 31 for “From Your Couch to Capitol Hill: Advocating Anywhere” to learn more about how you can participate in advocacy, no matter where you are. Listen to the recording here.

Clinical Trials Webinar

Recorded on January 27, 2016

Join the Arthritis Foundation and guest David Charles, M.D. as we discuss the path to a cure and the current active arthritis clinical trials across the United States.

Listen to the clinical trials webinar.

Telling Your Story Webinar

Recorded on October 15, 2015

Listen to our recording of Telling Your Story: Making an Impact on Legislators and Beyond.  Learn how telling your story to legislators helps you become an empowered Advocate and person.

Step Therapy and Prior Authorization

Recorded on September 16, 2015

Join the Arthritis Foundation’s Director of State Legislative Affairs, Mark Guimond and special guests on an exclusive Advocate Webinar Series briefing to learn more about step therapy and prior authorization. You’ll hear about what you need to know, and how to get involved.

Listen to the step therapy and prior authorization webinar.

Advocacy Toolkit 101

Recorded on August 13, 2015

Presented by:

  • Laura Keivel, Grassroots Advocacy Manager
  • Margo Deihl, Arthritis Foundation Advocacy Intern

Listen to the Advocacy Toolkit 101 webinar.

Juvenile Arthritis Advocacy

Recorded on July 15, 2015


  • Michelle Greenhalgh, Office of Rep. Joe Courtney (D-CT)
  • Ted Alexander, Office of Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY)

Listen to the juvenile arthritis advocacy webinar.

21st Century Cures and Advocacy

Recorded on June 17, 2015


  • Rep. Larry Bucshon (R-IN)
  • Hanna Gruen, 2014 Edward M. Kennedy Advocacy Award Winner
  • Anna Hyde, Arthritis Foundation's Director of Health Policy and Federal Affairs

Listen to the 21st century cures and advocacy webinar.

Biosimilars and Advocacy

Recorded on May 18, 2015


  • Dr. Harry Gewanter, pediatric rheumatologist from Richmond, VA
  • Mark Guimond, Arthritis Foundation Director of State Legislative Affairs

Listen to the biosimilars and advocacy webinar.